About Us


From our beginnings, it was apparent that small island nations and third world countries did not have the staff or technical expertise to obtain quality pharmaceutical products at a fair price. Since that time, we have become the "go-to" company when quantities or quality cannot be obtained from large manufacturers. We have been able to reduce prices on cancer and other difficult to afford medications and equipment by 60% to 70%. Our focus is and always has been on PROCUREMENT.

Not only do we provide high-quality pharmaceutical products, we now provide a wide variety of medical supplies and medical equipment. Our team of professionals has developed a system to track quality through oversight and on-site testing, and transportation and delivery are followed every step of the way to our clients.

We have rigorous standards for all manufactured products. Our pharmaceutical manufacturers must pass the WHO-GMP, FDA, UK-MHRA, and other international standards before they become available to our clients.

We at, ICP Pharma (Intercontinental Pharma), Inc. (ICP), is a pharmaceutical, medical equipment, medical device, lab supplies, and medical supply procurement organization. Our reach and markets include the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Our focus is and has always been on customer service and quality products for our markets all over the world.

The focus of ICP is to provide high-quality products to the third world and smaller nations who do not have access to many of the “in demand’ pharmaceutical and medical products that are available in more developed nations. Our customers include both governments and distributors in those nations. In effect, we become the purchasing arm of those smaller nations who cannot afford to support such activities.

ICP began operations at the end of 2012, from the beginning we noticed that there was a large market in pharmaceuticals in the Caribbean that was not being met. We began to fill those markets with high-quality products that would not reach those markets otherwise. We have become the “go-to” company when a certain drug or piece of equipment cannot otherwise reach where it is needed.

Currently, we have more than 90 clients in various countries throughout the Caribbean, Central, and South America. We have begun to provide tender offerings in several countries in Africa, including Ghana and Mali. As well, we plan major initiatives in the Middle East, including the Arab Emirates. Procurement is the key to the success of our firm. Our manufacturing base includes firms in the United States, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Because we do not manufacture products, we are able to search, certify, and contract with pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers’ around the world. Our manufacturer base includes over 472 manufacturers which extend from the United States, Asia, and Eastern Europe and growing as new customers and products are introduced.